How Much Does it Cost?

How much does it cost?

You can attend Venture in one of three roles - as a Youth Participant (Venturer or youth member of kindred organisation), a Leader, or a Staff Member.

Youth Participants:

 14 - 18 year olds who meet the eligibility requirements.

Attending whole event:

NZ$850.00 + Expedition Fee

Attending phase 2 only:


Attending expedition only:

Expedition Fee

Once announced, expedition fees will be listed on the Phase 1 Expeditions Page


Leaders attend Venture and support expedition units during the entire event, as a full participant of the expedition, and then helping out as necessary with programme activities during phase 2.

NZ$430.00 + Expedition Fee


Most staff attend the event for the length of Venture, but some will come just for Phase 2, and others will come onsite before the event for set up and stay after for the pack down depending on their role.


These fees include all meals, onsite services and administration. When calculating your costs you need to factor in the;

  • Venture fee
  • Expedition fee
  • Any offsite activities of your choice in phase 2 which may carry a cost
  • Transport to and from the event
  • Any gear you may need for camping and your expedition.

When do I need to pay by?

We've spaced payments out, so that you can squeeze in as much fundraising as possible.

On application

This is due when you apply, and is the first installment of the Venture fee.


We've spaced payments out, so that you can squeeze in as much fundraising as possible.

30th June 2022

This is the second instalment of the venture fee


youth - whole event or phase 2 only



youth - expedition only



leaders and staff
This is the second installment of the Venture fee

31st August 2022

This is the third instalment of your venture fee


youth - whole event or phase 2 only. This will be the final installment of the Venture fee

14th November 2022

This is your expedition fee

Total Expedition Fee

whole event youth and all leaders


Expedition fee less $400

youth - expedition only

Payment Methods

Paying via Credit Card

Payments can be made for deposits only via the Status page in your online registration. We accept Credit/Debit Cards or Online EFTPOS (with a small 3% surcharge).

Paying via Bank Transfer

Simply send your payment via bank transfer to “SCOUTS New Zealand”, account number: 06-0501-0090411-16. (with no surcharge!)

All payments must include reference to your full name and Venture registration number.

Automatic Payments

You can also choose to set up regular automatic payments with our finance team if that makes it easier to manage. Contact the team at

Payment Security

ignite’23 uses an accredited third party provider to process payments from Credit, Debit, and EFTPOS cards.
The provider, Worldline (formerly Paymark) is a secure, world-class payments platform built on 25 years’ experience in processing payments.

Measures they take to protect your personal information, including card details, include:

  • Cardholder data is protected by secure token technology on a platform compliant with the latest Payment Card Industry standards.
  • Automated real-time risk transaction screening against common fraud indicators
  • MasterCard SecureCode® and Verified by Visa™ cardholder authentication programs

No Credit, Debit, or EFTPOS Card details are held by SCOUTS Aotearoa at any time.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

See our refunds and Cancellation policy here with a link to it on the Oh wow! Policies! page.

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