How it Works

How does Venture actually work?

The event is made up of two parts - Phase 1, expeditions and Phase 2, onsite.

When registering, you choose an expedition, plus a second and third choice. Check out the list - due to be on this website in December’21. Allocation of expeditions will occur after registrations close in July and we’ll let you know soon after that which expedition you’re on and who your unit is.

Expeditions vary in size and could have anywhere from 2 - 12 units. These units are made up of 7 - 10 Venturers (a mix of age, nationality and gender) and one lucky leader there to support the unit and participate in the expedition..

29th December
- 3rd January

After meeting in Christchurch you’ll head off with your expedition group to your very own adventure. As you can see from the list there is something for everyone, whether you want to learn a new skill, gain a qualification, expand on an existing interest or passion or just have a chilled out fun time.

You can be sure that each Expedition will showcase the best of the South Island, with plenty of adrenaline, touring, scenery and fun.

Want to extend an existing passion? Or keen to try something completely new?

3rd January - 8th January

With the Phase One Expeditions completed, everyone returns to the Venture Site in Mayfield for Phase Two.

Imagine 1000+ teenagers in one place, sparking with enthusiasm as they vent their energy through an extensive range of on-site activities, off-site adventures, and evening events. Above all, Phase Two provides five days of choice for you to decide how to spend your time. It can be as adventurous (or not!) as you like, with as many activities (or time to socialize!) as you wish. The hardest part will be fitting it all in!

On-site Activities

The Venture site will be bursting with activities that you simply rock up and try for as long as you like, as many times as you like. Almost all are included in your Venture fee, and those that are not are at mates-rates.

Some of the on-site activities in the past have included: (take a deep breath!) canoeing and kayaking, rockclimbing and abseiling, aerial crate stacking, construction and destruction zones, archery, swimming and watersports, ice skating, pasta making and escape rooms.

The social hub will be sparking with pool tables, table tennis and arcade games to challenge your mates with and more chilled pastimes to relax, be a little creative or just have some ‘me’ time.

The Rover Cafe will be a hot-spot, serving up your favourite snacks all day and night to make sure you have fire in the belly.

You can do as little or as much as you like - plenty of time to drop in and try something adventurous, as well as spending time hanging with old friends and new.

Off-site Activities

More details will be coming soon from the Programme Team, but rest assured there will be plenty of choice - shopping and tourist attractions through to burning off some energy and high adrenaline thrills. Off-site activities are generally on a user pays basis though some will be free.

Night Activities

Ventures are famous for being non-stop, and ignite’23 will be no different! The action continues each day long after the mighty sun has set, with awesome night entertainment to keep things burning deep into the night. Live bands and DJs and a variety of themed nights are in store to make sure your five nights on Phase Two are on fire.

What is new about this Venture?

True to our favourite phrase - it’s all about choice!

At this Venture you can choose to come

    For the entire event 29th December - 8th January

    For the expedition only 29 December - 3rd January
    For phase 2 only 3rd January - 8th January

    Or you can choose a shorter expedition starting on January 1st and then phase 2 through to January 8th.

And to hit the ground running, expeditions start on the arrival day, December 29th. Everyone needs to arrive at our Christchurch site before lunchtime where we’ll then head off to expeditions in the afternoon.

Are you up for the challenge?

Register for NZ Venture 2023.