I’m flying to Christchurch. What time do I need to book flights?

You need to be at the launch site in Christchurch by 12md, so a morning flight.


How do I get from the airport?

We are providing a free shuttle service on opening day - you’ll be asked to book your place closer to the time.


What about getting back to Christchurch after Venture?

We will be providing a shuttle back to Christchurch airport. This is a 90 minute trip so best to book afternoon flights on the 8th. There may be a cost for this - we’ll let you know later in the year.

I’m driving to Venture, or being dropped off - where do I need to go on launch day?

You need to arrive at Riccarton Racecourse between 9am and 12md.

What is happening with private vehicle while we’re on expedition?

We will have a secure parking area where vehicles will be stored. Once back at the Venture site on January 3rd we will provide transport for you to collect your vehicle and bring it back to Mayfield.

When do we need to leave site by on the last day - 8th January?

We ask that everyone if offsite by lunchtime (there will be no lunch provided on the 8th) so that we can start returning the site to ts preVenture condition, so it’s effectively a worksite.

Where do I pay my deposit and other payments?

Credit card options and bank details are on the status tab of your online application.

When do registrations close?

June 30th. It is possible to register after this date but expedition options will be limited.

When will I know which expedition I’m doing?

August. There is a lot of work that goes into making sure that as many people as possible get their first or second choice.

What if I change my mind about which expeditions I’ve selected?

Before June 30th you can change your option by going into your online application. After that point, when we start working on allocating expeditions you will need to contact us admin@ignite23.scouts.nz

Do I need my own tent?

Yep. Regardless of what expedition you are on, and what sleeping arrangements they have in place, you will need a tent just for you when you are back onsite at Mayfield.

Are you up for the challenge?

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